Fixes for feeds

All code is available on GitHub

Comicpress fix - ccfix.php

Fixes ComicPress 2.9.6 with WordPress 3.5 or grater issues with the feed beeing invalid as 3.rd party when websites refuces to implement the developers patch.


(Optional) hwc=1 - Changes the destination from instead of

YouTube My Subscriptions improvment - ytms.php

Adds a player to the My Subscriptions feed


(Required) username=<username> - Sets the username for the target feed

Feed title filter - titlefilter.php

This filters a feed to only include items with a title containing a string from a text file with line separated strings. Good places to store the textfile would be publicly on google drive, dropbox or webserver.


(Required) feed=<url> - The target feed

(Required) filter=<url> - The list of words to let through

YouTube channel and playlist feed generator - ytchannel.php

This generates an rssfeed for YouTube Channels/Playlists via the YouTube API v3.


(Optional) channel=<channelid> - The YouTube channelid. Requred when not providing a playlist id

(Optional) chtype=user or channel - If the channel param is a username istead of a channelid. Required to list all playlists

(Optional) playlist=<playlistid> - The YouTube playlistid. Required when not getting the uploads playlist